Stichting Leergeld Nuenen

 is set up for parents with children aged 4 to 18 years. If your net family income is less than € 2,221 (two-parent family) or less than € 1,932 (one-parent family) or if you are undergoing debt restructuring, you can apply for (financial) support from Stichting Leergeld Nuenen. If you think you qualify for this, please contact us. One of our advisors will then make an appointment with you and come to your home to look at the possibilities for financial support. Naturally, privacy is taken into account.

Children of parents living in a poverty situation often cannot participate in school- and extra-curricular activities (see the list of clubs and associations). Stichting Leergeld Nuenen makes a contribution* for:

  • School costs , taking into account WTOS (Educational Contribution and School Costs Allowance Act)
  • Participation in a sports activity (contribution, clothing, material)
  • Participation in a cultural activity (contribution, clothing, material)
  • Participation in the Children's Holiday Week
  • Swimming pool entrance tickets
  • Used laptop
  • Used and refurbished bicycle from 6 years old

Depending on the type of education, the total budget per child is as follows: primary school € 450, secondary school first class € 500,- then € 450,- (these amounts have been adjusted as of 1-1-2023)



Leergeld Nuenen also takes care of the payment of:

  • Swimming lessons (from 5 years) diploma A, B and C
    Swimming pool entrance tickets
  • Subscription playground ‘De Kievit’ (up to 10 years)

* Stichting Leergeld Nuenen pays directly to schools, institutes and clubs.